Nexus Home Inspections Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedure

Nexus Home Inspections was granted as an essential business by the Deputy Director, Central New York Region of Empire State Development on Monday, March 23rd, 2020 at 5:54 pm. This means we have been given notice by New York State that we can perform home inspections under the Executive order of 202.6.

As we move forward and adapt to the current situation we ask for the health of you and your family to help to protect ours. All of us will have to work together as we keep things moving forward. Listed below are the steps Nexus Home Inspections will follow and would ask you to follow the steps listed below.

 1. We will only allow two people at the inspection, please do not bring other folks to the inspection as they will not be allowed in the property for the safety of all involved. Feel free and we encourage you to bring any protective gear you feel you need and are comfortable with to the inspection. The property, if occupied within the last 14 days needs to have all surfaces, light switches, doorknobs, and any high contact areas wiped down with an anti-bacterial cleaner or wipes with bleach before the inspection. If you are not comfortable coming to the inspection we can provide video and online consultation of the property.

2. We have wipes, sanitizers, gloves, and respirators that meet the CDC's safety requirements that we will also be using on-site after we arrive.

3. We will wear gloves and a respirator the entire time we are inside the property, (unless the home has been vacant) we will also be wiping down all door handles and countertops with sanitizing wipes that we come in contact with. Along with any other surface we deem necessary.

4. We will send the report as we always do to the client in a PDF format.

5. We have added a video option where we will send short video clips of any major issues.

6. We will also be available for a phone consultation or other media the client wishes to use to go over the report. This can also include the agent if the client request and approves. Skype, Google Duo, messenger and so on.

7. We would ask that if the home is occupied all persons should leave about 2 hours before the inspection after cleaning noted above items. We will also not inspect any home if anyone is currently sick, has been sick in the last 14 days or is showing ANY signs of sickness. We know this can be a very hard thing to do with places being shut down, but again we are very concerned about everyone's health involved and do not want to put anyone at risk.

8. The seller must confirm the above information (with their agent) and let us know if they have been in contact with any person(s) or have traveled in the last 30 days and where.

9. Once we are done all PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is put in the trash which is removed from the property. Once back to the office any vehicle used at the property is wiped down and sanitized, and all clothing is washed.

10. Nexus Home Inspections has taken and completed the Covid-19 Safety Guidelines for Home Inspectors from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and has implemented the guidelines presented in this class. This is a free class that you can sign up for at https://www.nachi.org/covid-19-safety-standards.htm There is some great information in this class.

As home inspectors our first mission is for the safety of everyone, this is why we have adopted the above procedures to make sure everyone involved in the transaction is safe. Please feel free to call or text us at 607-423-4202 at any time with any questions you may have.

We will overcome this together, be safe and be strong!

Daniel J. Cleary
Nexus Home Inspections, LLC
Phone: 607-423-4202
Email: nexushomeinspections@gmail.com