04 Sep

With the first day of school, we hope
everyone has a safe and fun day!

We also want everyone to be safe at home! For the month of September, Nexus Home Inspections is offering Radon testing for only $90.00 (normally $125.00) in Cortland County. A small price to pay to make sure elevated Radon gas levels are not present in your home affecting you and your loved ones.


Cortland County has the highest average indoor radon level in the New York State. The majority of homes in the county have radon readings above the U.S. EPA action level of 4 piCu/l of air. The gas can become trapped in buildings. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. - Cortland County Health Department

With fall and winter just around the corner making us close our windows and doors for months at a time radon can be trapped in your home. Don't let your family live with this deadly gas. Call to have your home tested today.

All during the month of September Nexus Home Inspections is offering $90.00 Radon testing. Make sure your not living with this deadly gas. 

Call or text 607-423-4202 today!

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